Job Offers

What’s the Professional Practical Training (PPT) Semester?

At LBS the sixth, and last semester of Bachelor studies, is dedicated to the gaining of practical experience. Students are supposed to transfer the knowledge they have acquired throughout their studies to practical life and experience a job situation in all its fullness.

As this internship is counted as an academic semester, it has to follow special rules:

  • Duration: at least 16 weeks at 37,5h per week (earliest start: 01.02.2015)
  • Goal: transfer of acquired knowledge to practical life, entry into professional life.
  • Content: duties of the internship have to correspond to the contents of the study program.
  • Evaluation: the employer/supervisor/superior has to evaluate the intern’s performance in conjunction with a specified standardized rating sheet.
  • Payment/salary: this is to be decided together with the intern – at present there is no minimum wage required.
  • Normally, the work contract will be concluded between the employer, the intern and LBS. (e.g. the students are not allowed to conclude or change the working relationship without prior consultation with the PPT-supervisor at LBS.)

What can our students do for you (as their employer)?

  • They can fill a language gap – our students speak at least three languages. (At present students from more than 40 countries study at LBS.) The language of instruction is English.
  • At LBS, students do not only receive an intercultural education, but, as they start their internship they will already have had 2 ½ years of experience in cooperating in multi-cultural teams.
  • The students are educated over five semesters in major business related areas such as book-keeping, financial management, project management, human resources, marketing, as well as micro and macro economics, economic law and IT.
  • The students could serve in companies as liaisons with companies in other countries (our students come from over 40 countries, EU and non-EU).
  • The internship can be seen as a trial of potential future employees for the employer, with minimum risk attached!

And: Your feedback is not only important to us in relation to the performance of the individual student – but also in relation to the content and the quality of our education. The education at Applied Universities places a special emphasis on business areas – and your feedback is integrated into the development of our curricula.


Please send your internship offers to [email protected]