ISoF @ University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business

Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility – Summary of Activities

Sending Institution:     Lauder Business School

Receiving Institution:   University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business

Staff Member:            Pablo Collazzo

Training Period:          09/06 – 11/06/2016

The mobility was granted in order to participate in the research development activities of a global community of franchising scholars and practitioners –the International Society of Franchising- that gathered at the University of Groningen, over three days of intensive and productive exchanges. LBS’ contribution was the sharing and discussion of a piece of research on the emergence of local franchises in the Middle East, conducted by the undersigned faculty member. The ultimate purpose was to disseminate ongoing research activities conducted at Lauder, and exchange best practices on graduate training and research supervision in the field of entrepreneurship and franchising.

Additionally, the mobility laid the foundations for future bilateral cooperation, initially targeting the co-supervision of graduate research.

The value of this mobility is being multiplied upon my return, as the experience and learnings are shared with colleagues and graduate students at Lauder.