Course projects

As of 2017, the IOC is promoting MOC-related Master thesis topics among the Master students in both programs. Theses supervisors will be Prof. Pablo Collazzo-Yelpo, who is teaching the MOC classes in both Masters programms, and Dr. Christopher Kronenberg, MOC expert and guest supervisor from Center of Strategy and Competitiveness at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna.

  • The entrepreneurial ecosystem: This topic deals with the social and economic environment of the city of Vienna affecting the local start-up activities and the entrepreneurial behavior. The relevant players should be identified (e.g. companies, higher education institutions, government, …) and their role within this ecosystem should be analyzed. Method: Case study. Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Kronenberg/Prof. Pablo Colazzo-Yelpo


  • Cluster Comparison Austria – ASEAN: From a theoretical perspective this topic deals with the phenomena of clusters and their relevance for regions and states. The empirical part will analyze the most relevant clusters in Austria and in ASEAN states (Southeast Asia) and will identify potential cooperation with selected clusters. Method: secondary research on clusters, qualitative interview on potential cooperation. Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Kronenberg


  • BREXIT: This topic deals with the upcoming leave of the United Kingdom of the European Union. For the first time, a member state leaves the EU which will have impact on the single market and how we do business with the UK in the future. This thesis will develop possible scenarios dealing with this phenomenon. Method: secondary research on single market, European Integration, BREXIT; case study, if possible qualitative interviews. Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Kronenberg


  • Austrian Competitiveness Report: In this topic, certain aspects of the competitiveness landscape oft he Austrian Economy shall be assessed by using selected secondary data. Supervisor: Prof. Pablo Collazzo-Yelpo