Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation, Berlin, Germany

Prof. Robert Braun participated in a workshop at the prestigious Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation in Berlin to contribute to the development of participatory methods in quadruple helix models of research and innovation.

The workshop focused on the importance of new constellations of actors, already visible in public-private partnerships and open science and open innovation, becoming broader and more heterogeneous. The participiants discussed the engagement and joint innovation activities of pertinent established and new actors (research organizations, industry, civil society organizations, and policy makers), including the essential complements to the interactions between the various connected organizations and actors.

Finally the researchers exchanged good practices and networked for prospective collaboration possibilites. Grosso modo, it was agreed upon the opportunity of apply, in the near future, for the Horizon Call 2020 .

The workshop also served as a theoretical framework for Prof. Braun, who is currently developing a curriculum for ‘Science, Ethics and Responsible Research and Innovation’ course at LBS as part of a pilot for a H2020 research project (HIERRI) by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. The workshop and the methods discussed as well as the research innovation presented will serve as input for the planned curriculum.