Staff Training

Both lecturers and administrative staff can take the opportunity of an Erasmus+ training mobility.
The aim is to acquire in-depth on the job-training and international experience relevant for the professional development of the participant.

Applications for Training mobilities within European countries and Israel are now open and are accepted on a rolling basis.

1. Applications for Mobilities within European Erasmus+ Programme countries are possible at the latest two weeks before the mobility

2. Applications for Mobilities with Erasmus+ Partner country Israel
When applying for Training at a partner university, please indicate the university you want to go to and the courses you want to participate in or departments you want to shadow in the Mobility Agreement for Training .


Erasmus+ Programme countries:

  • All EU member states
  • Macedonia, ICE, LIE, NOR, TUR
  • SUI temporarily suspended

General Information
  • The participant must have an active employment relationship with LBS at the moment of application until at least the end of the mobility
  • Also external lecturers can apply
  • The sojourn in Israel must take at least 5 days (the exact length will be agreed upon with the LBS International Office)
    The applicant  will be asked to present a liability and health insurance before the mobility. Without those two extra insurances the mobility can´t take place, no funding is permitted. This is a requirment stipulated by the Agency of Lifelong learning.
  • The sojourn in Erasmus+ Programme countries must take at least 2 days (max. 2 weeks, excluding an additional day for arrival or departure)
  • Defined working programme (incl. purpose, objectives, activities, …), e.g. job shadowing
Application procedure

The candidate has indicate explicitly the university he/she wants to go to in the Mobility Agreement for Teaching.

Homepage BGU:

Homepage IDC:

Homepage Bar-Ilan:


Candidates must submit the following documents in English language to the International Office:

Applications for Israel must reach the International Office at least 6 weeks before the mobility to Israel! When filling out the application, please indicate the university you want to go to and the courses you want take part in during your mobility.

Applications will be evaluated based on the academic qualification of the candidates for the mobility as well as on the type and contents of the planned training mobility. Applications will be evaluated by the respective director of studies and the head of the International Office.

Applications for Staff Mobility within European countries must reacht the LBS International Officae at least 3 weeks before the planned mobility.

The application documents for staff training mobility is the same for both (EU and Israel)!

Successful candidates will receive a “Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ staff mobility for training” which must be completed and returned to the International Office before the beginning of the sojourn.

Financial Matters and reporting duties
  • Accommodation costs: max. € 160 per day (Israel), max. 126€ per day (European programme country)
  • Travel costs: € 360 to an Israeli partner university; according to distance band in case of a European programme country

NB: In order for the lecturer to receive the grant, the following documents must be sent to the International Office right after the sojourn: