Incoming Studies

Erasmus incoming students are students of one partner university who spend one Erasmus exchange semesters at the Lauder Business School .

The Erasmus+ Program is the action scheme of the European Union to support cooperation and mobility in education. The part of the program that concerns higher education institutions is called ERASMUS (European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students). Lauder Business School currently has bilateral agreements with 3 universities in Israel.

What does the ERASMUS program offer? Participating students benefit from a simplified enrolment process at the host university, they receive a mobility grant and are exempt from tuition fees (please inquire at your university). The courses that are completed at Lauder Business School can be transferred to your university (in accordance with the director of studies).

For further information about the Erasmus+ Program, you can find the official Programme Guide under “Erasmus+ Programme Guide”.

For application deadlines and procedure please contact the International Office at your university!
General Information
A. Target group
B. Application procedure and deadlines
C. Insurance coverage, Formalities of entry and residence and Accommodation
D. Withdrawal/Premature discontinuation/Shortened stay/Extension of stay
E. Confirmation of stay

a)     Target group

Students in the Bachelor or Master program @ BGU and IDC Herzliya

b)     Application procedure and deadlines

We accept exchange students for the Fall and the Spring term.

Please inquire about the deadlines for the application at your university.

c)      Insurance coverage, Formalities of entry and residence and Accommodation

An Erasmus+ mobility grant does not include insurance coverage. Students must make the necessary arrangements themselves well in advance before they leave for their stay abroad. A liability insurance and health insurance for European Countries, especially in case of repatriation and specific medical intervention will be requested before the departure to Lauder.  (Contact the health insurance carrier; get information on possible co-insurance or insurance through credit card issuer; if needed: take out a health, travel and/or accident insurance policy).

In the Dowloads Section, you find a Welcome Guide for your entry to Austria.

Nonetheless, you are advised to acquaint yourself with the necessary formalities in connection with your entry to and residence in the host country early on. You can find travel information on the Website of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you need further information, please contact the foreign representation (embassy/consulate) of the relevant host country in Austria. Please note that special conditions of residence apply to third-country nationals and that in some cases, it may be necessary to obtain a visa for your stay in the host country.

d)     Withdrawal/Premature discontinuation/Shortened stay/Extension of stay

If you are have to withdraw from the ERASMUS+ program before going abroad or to discontinue your studies prematurely (once abroad), please contact the International Office of the Lauder Business School immediately. We will inform you about all further steps.

An extension of stay is not possible.

e)      Confirmation of stay

Before your departure from Lauder Business School, it is necessary to get a Confirmation_of_Attendance signed and stamped by the Director fo Studies for the entire period of your ERASMUS+ stay. A blank form can be found on the Downloads page; you can also use a form of the home university.
ATTENTION: The Confirmation of Attendance can be signed earliest one week before the end of your stay (according to confirmation).

You will receive the 20% of your Funding to your account when you submit the Confirmation of Attendance to the Lauder Business School International Office.

Application Procedure and Deadlines

The application for an ERASMUS+ exchange at the Lauder Business School takes place at the International Office; the person in charge of processing the applications and nominating the selected students is the ERASMUS+ coordinator.

Submit your application according to the regulations at your university within the application deadlines.
Financial Matters

The amount of the grant for the students from Israel to Austria comes to € 850.00 per month. You will receive 80% of the whole grant at the beginning of your ERASMUS+ stay. The rest of the amount will be paid after your ERASMUS+ stay after the completion of the mobility after filling out the EU-Survey ans submitting the confirmation of recognition from your home university . If your stay turns out to be shorter than expected, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your grant proportionally.

Double funding is not permitted. If you receive another scholarship, stipend or funding from other programs, you are not eligible for Erasmus.

Erasmus funds mobilities of 12 months in each study cicle (e.g. BA =12 months, MA=12 months, PhD=12 months). If you have already participated in an Erasmus+ Exchange (including Erasmus Mundus) please indicate it in the Learning Agreement.

 Tuition fees

Under the ERASMUS+ program, host institutions are not entitled to charge tuition fees.

Moreover, ERASMUS+ students are entitled to be exempt from paying tuition fees during their ERASMUS+ stay. Please ask your Program Coordinator or International Office which rules apply at your universtiy.

Students with children or with special needs

ERASMUS+ outgoing students with children or with special needs can apply for additional financial aid to the regular ERASMUS+ grant. Please contact the International Office for further information.

Credit transfer and reporting duties

As we are not familiar with the recognition process at your university, please make sure to ask for all documents you need for the recognition of the courses before your departure to Lauder Business School.

In the Download Section, you can find a Learning Agreement AFTER Mobility for the final course recognition at Lauder Business School.

Once your home universtiy has recognized the courses you took at Lauder Business School, please send us this confirmation.  As a general rule,  5 weeks after your return your credits should be recoginized by the university.

Before your return, the exchange student will have a final meeting with the Lauder Business School and the Director of Studies to discuss his impressions of the stay.

Of course, we would appreciate if the exchange student writes a report (which will be published on our International Office Website) with at least 500 words and 5 photos and submits it to the International Office. the reports will help to promote the ERASMUS+ program amongst LBS students. We implemented this procedure for ERASMUS+ internships:

Reports of successful SMT interns

Deadline for recognition:

Once your home universtiy has recognized the courses you took at Lauder Business School, please send us this confirmation.  As a general rule,  5 weeks after your return your credits should be recoginized by the university.

In cases where evidence of recognition cannot be supplied, or where it is insufficient, and the fault lies with the student, the mobility grant may be entirely or partially reclaimed.

Necessary Documents and Downloads