What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is an international student-run platform for young people who want to explore and develop their leadership potential.

AIESEC’s Global Talent and Global Entrepreneur schemes offer plentiful opportunities for business students and recent graduates.

Global Entrepreneur @ Bachelor level

Boost your Professional Training – Start working with a Start up


What is Global Entrepreneur?
The Global Entrepreneur program is an initiative to develop entrepreneurial leaders through an international working experience in a start-up.
If you are finishing a bachelor’s degree or just started a graduate program, are looking for professional experience in marketing and have interest in the world of start-ups, Global Entrepreneur is an option for You!


35-40 hours per week
From 6 to 10 weeks
e.g. Global Entrepreneur: MARKETING
Advertising, Public Relations, Brand & Trademark Management, Customer Relationship, Import & Export, Market Research, are just some of the fields you could work in!

Global Talent @ recent graduates or Masters

Global Talent

Global Talent is a global internship program which gives recent graduates and master students an opportunity to work abroad and develop a foundation for international business.

Most opportunities have a long-term duration of 6-18 months. It focuses on professional development in areas such as marketing, sales, teaching and information technology by offering you the opportunity to work with global or small enterprises to contribute to the performance of their business. The Global talent program combines cultural immersion with professional experience, providing impactful working experience for Austrian students.

There are these 4 programs depending on your area of study:

  • Marketing: Become a marketing expert abroad and impact global audiences. Demonstrate your expertise in market research, branding, outreach, and international relations. Develop understanding of international marketing trends and of how marketing works in a different reality.


  • Teaching: Improve the lives of others through education. Be a youth ambassador by teaching English, foreign languages or world issues in formal educational institutions. Develop a global perspective and understanding of educational systems abroad. Teach to learn and empower organizations with multiculturalism.


  • Information Technology: Improve your technical skills by working on web development, database management or software development. Gain practical knowledge and acquire a resume within the technology industry, by advancing the technologies of international businesses.


  • Sales: Build your confidence through conducting sales abroad within global organizations or small to medium enterprises. Hone and develop your international business, sales, negotiating and communication skills. Be a catalyst for business growth.


Develop competitive skills and competencies that will improve your chance of employability and work success. Global Talent program enables you to experience and understand the world, while developing yourself and building a foundation for a more successful career.

  • Put into practice what you have studied at the university
  • Have a work experience abroad
  • Discover the lifestyle and work environment of a Start – Up
  • Be mentored by a manager of the Start-up
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Improve your time management
  • Work in an international team
  • Improve your professional English
  • Build an international network
  • Accommodation guaranteed

LBS students with AIESEC representatives at an info stand on LBS campus

  • Excellent English level (minimum B2 Advanced)
  • Previous work experience is NOT required
  • Previous international experience preferred (studies, work, volunteering)
  • Some projects require a specific background
  • Potentially technical skills as part of the job description
  • Availability from 6 to 10 weeks
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